Custom commercial food artists

Creative, safe, fresh and great tasting food while providing superior service is what really drives Fresh Bites.

Fresh Bites Inc. was established in 1997. Fresh Bites excels at providing safe, high quality and fresh foods to a variety of customers, including: airlines, retail deli’s, convenience & gas, cafe quick-service restaurant chains, and many other valuable customers. An organization of over 50 employees, Fresh Bites specializes in creating customized sandwiches, wraps, snack boxes, salads, platters, Bento boxes and other custom-created products. Additionally, Fresh Bites processes various fresh cut fruit and vegetables.

Fresh Bites is well versed and experienced in providing great tasting entrees and assembling first and business class tray set-ups on major Canadian airlines. Fresh Bites maintains an operating business license from The City of Calgary, and is certified by The Public Health Act section of Alberta Health Services for permitted food-handling. Fresh Bites is inspected bi-annually by the Public Health of Canada against food safety guidelines for the travelling public to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are continually in place and upheld.